Air to air heat pumps

Air to air heat pumps comprise of both an outdoor and an indoor unit, with both working in tandem to supply a home’s heating requirements. The outside unit extracts energy from the air outside, which is then absorbed by a refrigerant solution within the unit itself. This solution is then converted into warm air by the indoor unit, before being pumped back to the outdoor unit.

Installation of an air to air heat pump requires an outside wall, but they take up very little space internally, which makes them ideal for smaller homes and apartments. They can also function as air coolers and air purifiers when needed. Amongst the benefits of having the system installed are:

How do they work?

Air to air systems, as mentioned, comprise of two units. The outdoor unit absorbs air from outside your home into a refigerant solution that allows it to be transported to an internal unit.

This internal unit then extracts the warm air from this solution and distributes it through the home via a system of fans, in a similar manner to how an air conditioning system distributes cool air. An air to air system can also work in the opposite way, cooling air to distribute throughout the home in summer months. However it can’t be used to heat water.

What do I need?

To install an air to air heat pump system you will need to consider the following;


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