Carbon Saver

Carbon Saver, Like a cosy on a teapot

Carbon Saver
Like a cosy on a teapot

Mother and child in thier bathroom
“If your house is not insulated, as much as 35% of your heat can escape through the walls.”


Introducing a revolutionary new way to improve your home

Domestic Bliss is installing the most advanced cavity wall insulation available today.

Our new Carbon Saver solution is a grey bonded-bead system that satisfies the latest, exacting standards for energy in the building industry. It’s now the minimum Government standard for all new-build homes.

With this unique system, it is now possible for the first time virtually to neutralise the effect of heat radiation by means of infrared absorbers and infrared reflectors. As a result, a considerably better insulation effect can be achieved even with low density levels. It’s the only solution that ensures every millimetre of cavity is filled and protected. The material won’t shrink, crack, settle or be unduly affected if you need to remove any of the outer brickwork or replace any windows. Complete with fire retardant and approved for use in even the most extreme conditions, it’s the national standard set for all new homes built in Britain today.

Achieving reduced heat loss rates of around 70%

Did you know that more heat is lost through the walls of your home than in any other way? By investing in Carbon Saver cavity wall insulation you can reduce heat loss rates by around 70%. That’s because cavity wall insulation works like a cosy on a teapot. Your house heats up faster and stays warm longer. Instead of so much warmth escaping into the air outside, it remains inside. Think how blissfully cosy that will feel.

Diagram of heat flow inside a wall
Instead of passing through the wall
the heat stays in your house

Saving up to 30% of your heating bill

It’s true, installing Carbon Saver cavity wall insulation can cut as much as 30% off your heating bill! That means the total investment could pay for itself in just three or four years. What other home improvement could offer you such a handsome and speedy return?

Plus helping to save the planet

We all know how vital it is to renew and conserve energy for future generations. This is an important way you can help. Cavity wall insulation provides warmth without waste – proving how saving the earth really can begin at home.

More benefits you’ll warm to…

  • Because you’re not losing heat, your heating system becomes more and more efficient. You can happily turn it down or cut back the hours it’s switched on and not lose one degree of comfort.
  • Because you can now maintain a constant, even temperature in your rooms, condensation will be less of a worry.
  • By shutting off any gaps around door and window frames you’ll be shutting out icy draughts, too.

In effect, your walls become giant night storage radiators, making every penny spent on heating your home work its hardest for you.

Create your ideal comfort zone with our Specialist Solutions.

Put your worries behind you because we offer not one, but three Specialist Solutions to your home insulating needs: Mineral Fibre, White Bead and now Carbon Saver – the ultimate solution.

Each solution offers outstanding performance and a high degree of energy efficiency.
Which solution is best for your home depends largely on your budget and preference. However, you can count on our experts to give you first-class advice and help in making your decision.


Technically, the most advanced solution, it makes your home feel like new. Low cost, high quality and supremely energy efficient, this grey bonded-bead system offers the lowest ‘u’ value of all. (The ‘u’ value is the rate at which heat passes through a wall; the lower the ‘u’ value, the more heat that’s retained.)
With a λ lambda value of just 0.033 it is 20% more efficient than the Standard Solution.


The popular white bonded-bead solution shares nearly all of the qualities of Carbon Saver and offers a λ lambda value of 0.037 – 10% more efficient than our Standard Solution.


This is the standard solution offered by around 90% of British cavity wall insulation suppliers and has been used by the building and construction industry for many years. A dependable choice, it offers a λ lambda value of 0.040.

Professional installation

In an approved pattern, we drill small (22mm / 7/8 inches) injection holes through the mortar joints on the exterior of your home. Using a specially designed injection gun, we pressure-blow the insulation material into the wall through the holes, ensuring the cavity is completely filled. When the installation is finished we carefully seal and make good the holes with colour-matched mortar.
Clean, quick and efficient, the whole process takes only a few hours.

“It is not unusual for cavity wall insulation to pay for itself within three or four years.”

House walls being fuilled with insulation

Using a specially designed injection gun, we make sure all cavities are completely filled
with the insulation material

A mother and her smiling children

For this house, the insulation proved a good investment,
with an average return on the cost of 30%.”


Why you can choose Domestic & General
with complete confidence

Established in 1978, we offer a total package of first-class insulation and heating solutions for your home, all carried out to the most stringent requirements of current building regulations. Because we’re committed to giving you the most energy efficient systems available, we continually research the marketplace and employ the very latest technologies. We provide a professional, friendly and courteous advice and design service, ensuring that your solution is tailormade for your particular needs and that you’re fully informed of all grants or other aid available. Even if your home was built before 1930 or has unusual or difficult insulation and heating requirements, you’ll find us ready, willing and able to help.

Warm house, hot savings… pure Domestic bliss!

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