Customer Testimonials

Mrs Herridge

1930s semi-detached house
External wall insulation
October 2012

“I had seen the insulation on the outside of a house on TV, so I did know a little bit about external wall insulation. There was also a piece in the local paper about the grants available to me.

Domestic and General sent a surveyor, who went through all of the details with me. I was only too please to go ahead with the work.

When the workmen came they worked very hard. Each stage of the work was done by 2 men. I am 74 years old, so I have seen many workmen in that time, and no men have worked like they did. They didn’t stop working.

The first night after it was installed, I went into my bedroom and stood in the doorway. It felt strange as I used to feel a blast of cold air. There is such a warm feeling now.

Everyone going up the road have turned their heads to have a look at my house. It looks so good. The delivery man from the Chemist even came in to get your phone number. I am so happy with the work on my house. It’s so warm now.”

Miss Jones

1930s semi-detached house
Loft insulation
March 2012

“Domestic and General was recommended to us after we arranged a survey with another company who did not show up.

The surveyor was a nice man who was very knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions.

Likewise, the man who fitted the insulation was a nice, personable man who was very efficient and clean in his job. The whole process was quicker than we thought, as we thought it would take hours.

We felt the benefit of the insulation immediately and we would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone. We would like to congratulate you on a job well done!”

Mrs Hinds

1960s semi-detached house
Cavity wall insulation
February 2012

“I just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the service I have received from your company. We had cavity wall insulation installed in our property; the process was quick and easy and there was hardly any mess. The men who installed it were polite and efficient. However, two days later we noticed our extractor fan was not working in the kitchen. The same men returned to have a look and the motor had got blocked with the beads. Although this was not technically their fault it had happened, they spent time cleaning it all out and ensuring it was working. They even swept up the mess created and emptied my vacuum! I just wanted to write as it is so easy to just complain about things these days. We have recommended to others to have it done as it just seems to make sense long term, not only hopefully for our benefit (however we are waiting to see results with it) but also for the selling of the property as it is likely to become something that people expect in a house.”

Miss Fisher

1960s semi-detached house
Cavity wall and loft insulation
May 2012

“I first heard about Domestic and General after receiving a phone call from their telemarketing team. They booked me an appointment, and the surveyor who came to assess my property was very helpful, and informed me that as I am over 80 the installation would be free. The men who came to install my loft and cavity wall insulation were so nice and friendly, and the whole installation process was very quick and simple. I am sure I will feel the benefits of the work, as we have had some chilly days this July where I haven’t had to put the heat on. I would tell any friends thinking of having the same work fitted to go for it!”