External wall insulation types

Domestic and General currently installs the following external wall insulation system:

Webertherm XM

Webertherm XM is a lightweight external wall insulation solution that is able to improve the thermal insulation properties of walls whilst also allowing for older homes to be rejuvenated with a new, rendered finish available in a host of varieties.

The system itself is fully accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA); Certificate No. 91/2691.

Webertherm has also achieved the ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ label from the Energy Saving Trust website.

Domestic and General Insulation are approved Weber applicators, meaning that the company is fully approved to install the Webertherm XM system. For more information about the system itself, visit http://www.netweber.co.uk/external-wall-insulation-systems/weber-systems/systems/webertherm-xm.html