Solar PV panels FAQ

Q. Does solar work in the UK?

A. Solar panels work using light but don’t necessarily need a sunny day to operate. They are able to function in cooler and cloudier climates, though they are more efficient on sunny days.

Q. Do I still own the solar panels if I move home?

A. The solar panels, once installed, are considered a part of the property in a similar way to insulation and other home improvement measures. This means that, if the home ownership changes, the ownership of the panels are transferred to the new owner. This is the case for all solar PV installations.

Q. Do I need planning permission?

A. Usually not, though you may need to gain permission if you live in a listed building. It is always best to check with your local council if you are uncertain.

Q. How long will my system last?

A. Solar systems have a long lifespan in general and systems generally have a manufacturer’s warranty of 5-10 years, though this is usually exceeded by quite a number of years. Systems will be guaranteed for 20 years under the Feed in Tariff.