Gas system boilers

A gas system boiler is similar in many respects to a traditional gas boiler, mostly in that they both operate on the principle of stored hot water.

However system boilers differ in that they don’t require the associated cold water cistern that is usually needed with a traditional gas boiler. This means that they are much more efficient when it comes to space, which can be an advantage in properties where floor space is an issue.

Rather than using a cold water cistern, a gas system boiler will instead take a direct feed from the cold water mains of the property and store it in a small tank that is contained within the boiler itself. This allows for a reduction in installation time simply due to the fact that relevant components are stored within the boiler, which in turn also allows for less maintenance of the boiler itself.

Furthermore, hot water is pumped from the system boiler and through to the heating system itself, allowing for a fast response to hot water needs for radiators and hot water cylinders.

Domestic and General’s heating engineers will be able to advise you on all the various types of gas boilers and recommend the best one for your home and needs.


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