Green Deal FAQ

Q. Who can apply for the Green Deal?

A. Absolutely anyone is able to apply for a loan via the Green Deal. Some people will also be able to apply for additional grant assistance, depending on a range of criteria. To check your property’s current performance and to receive a call from Domestic and General about Green Deal funding, please complete an online energy efficiency report.

Q. Can I apply if I rent the property?

A. Yes, assuming that you have the landlord’s permission to do so beforehand. This works both ways in that a landlord will also require the permission of tenants to sign up for the Green Deal, as any work would be paid for through the tenant’s energy bill.

Q. Can I apply if I am on a pre-payment energy meter?

A. Yes you can. A small amount of money will be taken from the meter every day, depending on how much you are paying back. If you spend £1.00 on electricity per day, you will see slightly more than that go off your meter for the day.

Q. How does this differ from a normal loan?

A. The Green Deal is different from a regular loan in a number of crucial ways: