What is the Green Deal?

Launched in the autumn of 2012, the Green Deal is the government’s new flagship energy efficiency scheme.

The Green Deal replaces previous initiatives, such as CERT and CESP, and is designed to support a broader range of energy improvements. It alsoaims to make energy efficiency measures and advice accessible to all.

Based on a radical new finance mechanism and supported by ECO (The Energy Company Obligation) the Green Deal allows home owners, tenants and commercial building owners to fund energy improvement measures with no upfront costs.

Green Deal Finance is paid for out of the savings made by having the energy efficiency measures installed and is protected by the golden rule.

Green Deal finance is not a loan attached to the occupier or a mortgage attached to the property. Instead, the finance is attached to the electricity meter at the property and remains the responsibility of the bill payer should you move home.


What is the Golden Rule?

The ‘Golden Rule’ is the base on which the Green Deal finance is built. Repayments related to the finance package should never exceed the amount of money you are saving on your energy bill as a result of having the measures installed.

What energy efficiency measures does the Green Deal support?

The Green Deal covers a range of measures including:

Domestic and General Insulation will ensure that the full range of measures available to you will be offered during your Green Deal assessment.

What’s my next step?

To begin your Green Deal journey with us, please fill out our home energy assessment form by clicking here or by calling our Green Deal advisory organisation on 0800 021 0030.

Domestic and General Insulation are Green Deal approved assessors (Reg No. STRA10030) and are available to carry out Green Deal assessments for domestic properties.

We provide information and advice about the measures that can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your property.

We can advise on grant funding under ECO and the options available under a Green Deal finance package, in conjunction with a Green Deal provider.

Click here for eligibility information under ECO

Independent and impartial advice about the Green Deal can be obtained by calling the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or visiting www.gov.uk/greendeal. You can also click to download the Green Deal Code of Practice.

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