Three storey properties: FREE* insulation!

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Great news from Domestic and General Insulation: three storey properties are now eligible for free cavity wall insulation to keep rooms warmer and reduce heat loss from your property.

Cavity wall insulation involves pumping insulation material from our specially equipped vans through a set of drill holes (between 27 and 40mm in diameter) into the hollow space between a property’s two layers of bricks (‘the cavity’). The insulation material prevents heat from escaping and means more heat that you pay for is retained in your home. The drill holes are filled and made good so there is very little evidence of the work taking place.

Traditionally, three storey properties have remained uninsulated because of the difficulty of installing cavity wall insulation at such a height, and had been labelled ‘hard to treat’ properties. So although three storey properties are great and have lots of perks to them like extra rooms and great views, they can be expensive to heat, energy inefficient and have chilly rooms.

Happily, people in charge of improving energy efficiency have noticed three storey homes are often uninsulated and want to ensure these properties are energy efficient too. That means funding has now been made available for occupants of three storey properties to have their cavity walls insulation for free* and furthermore, in many cases, also have their loft space insulated. Domestic and General Insulation have access to this funding and invested in training and resources to be able to effectively install insulation at this height. Therefore, if you live in a three storey property, please do not delay in getting in touch with us to book your free home survey.

3 Storey Hard to Treat Image

Cavity wall insulation is installed in just a few hours, depending on the size of your property and you will immediately begin to reduce the amount of heat being lost from your property and therefore reduce your heating bills. As accredited installers, all of our work is guaranteed by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) and you will be sent a 25 year guarantee in the post following the work.

* Subject to survey and qualifying as ‘hard to treat’


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