Can DGI insulate cavity wall properties with access issues?

Domestic & General Insulation are now able to access grant funding as part of the CERO scheme to install cavity wall insulation in properties that have access issues, such as as limited space between properties or uneven ground surrounding the property. Such properties are often considered hard to treat as specialised knowledge and tools are required to correctly service them.

Traditionally these issues have rendered insulation companies unable to insulate cavity walls. However, with the Green Deal and ECO scheme the government have made insulating hard to treat properties a focus, meaning that homeowners will often be able to have the work done *free of charge.

Domestic & General utilise the specially developed Thermascopic Bead Lance to install cavity wall insulation into properties that have access issues which prevent installation using traditional methods. The lance allows our installers to insulate elevations without having to drill directly into them, meaning that previously difficult to access walls are now treatable.

There are a number of ways that a property may be considered to provide poor access to installers, thus qualifying those who live there for *free insulation, including:

Our friendly and informative team of staff will be more than happy to aid you with any enquiries you may have and our surveyors are able to carry out a free survey to determine if you qualify for grant funding. Simply give us a call on 0800 138 7207 or use the button below to send us an enquiry.


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