Internal wall insulation types

Domestic and General Insulation install the stud wall variant of internal wall insulation. This involves attaching a stud wall framework to the wall and filling it in with mineral wool fibre slabs. It is then plastered over, ready for redecoration.

Specifically we install Knauf Thermoshell, which uses EcoStud and EcoBatt for all internal wall insulation installations. Both products are produced by Knauf Insulation and provide extremely high levels of thermal insulation. The EcoBatt material has a thermal conductivity rating of 0.036-0.033W/mK, depending on the thickness of the slabs you choose to have installed, making it ideal for solid wall properties.

EcoBatt is odourless, rot-proof and will not encourage the growth of unwanted mould or fungi. EcoStud has also been found to perform to the same levels as equivalent metal or timber studs.

Key points for stud wall insulation:

A wide range of considerations must be taken into account when installing internal wall insulation and Domestic and General’s expert fitters will be able to provide you with any information you require prior to the install.