Loft insulation process

Loft insulation is one of the easiest methods of improving home energy efficiency. Domestic and General install it in just a couple of hours, making it a quick and convenient way for you to reduce your heating bills.

Our handy guide below explains what you can expect when our loft insulation specialists arrive.

  1. One of our friendly loft insulation surveyors will visit your property, at your convenience, to advise on what type and depth of insulation your loft requires.

  2. Our surveyor will provide you with a quote for installing the insulation and discuss with you any non-repayable grants you may be eligible for

  3. We’ll arrange a time with you for one of our fully trained installation crews to come and install the loft insulation, again at your convenience. Remember, it only takes an hour or two so won’t be too much of a disruption for you

  4. On arrival in our specially equipped van, we will show you our Domestic and General identification and lay dust sheets to ensure your home remains clean and tidy

  5. Our installation technicians will check where the joists are before putting any weight on them and use boards to walk or crawl on where necessary. We will also thoroughly check the loft space for cables, lights or ventilation issues that must be accommodated during the loft insulation installation

  6. Insulation is laid or blown (depending on the insulation type recommended for your loft) between the joists

  7. Vent wedges are fitted to ensure air flow in the loft space

  8. If required, pipes and cold water tanks are fitted with loft insulation and the loft hatch is draught proofed. We can also install new loft hatches and loft ladders making access to your loft space easier and safer

  9. You may want boarding laid over all or part of the insulation so the loft becomes a useable space for storage

  10. The crew cleans up and you are informed the job is complete

  11. You enjoy increased energy efficiency for your home and watch your heating bill fall