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Our mission, values and purpose

Our mission is to continue to provide the absolute highest quality of product knowledge, customer service and finished installation. We want this to be indicated by a perfect customer satisfaction rating of 100 per cent.

We aim to provide thorough and comprehensive training to each of our employees so, together, we can achieve our company’s mission.

We strive to maintain our profitability, without any compromise to quality, in our core business area of insulation, in order to invest in and develop new, innovative technologies and services for our customers’ future needs.

Our purpose is to deliver services and products which create warm, comfortable, attractive, energy efficient homes for the 21st century. We want our customers’ homes to be the best they can be, so they can be enjoyed and lived in with pleasure.

Our values, running through all of our company are

  • Customer is king – Our customers are everything to us and we want them to feel valued at all times by us. That’s why we only employ staff that demonstrate excellent customer-focus and we ensure they are flexible, courteous, willing and knowledgeable when interacting with our customers.
  • Home is where the heart is – We believe that homes bring families and people together. Furthermore, we believe that homes that are warmand comfortable make time at home even happier. In short, happy homes make happy people.
  • Winning together – We operate in a ambitious atmosphere where we want to win in business and be a success; we also want individuals in our company to win, so we make sure they are encouraged to achieve their own personal ambitions too.
  • Driven by quality - We’re a driven company, but what drives us? Quality, that’s what. We don’t settle for second best in our suppliers, partners, staff, procedures or products and certainly wouldn’t expect any of our customers to.
  • Knowledge is power - We’re experts at what we do and are continually training, learning and researching to make sure we stay that way.
  • Trust is everything – We act with the highest of integrity so our customers, stakeholders, partners and colleagues maintain trust in us and know.
  • They can depend on us.