Polypearl is a polystyrene bead cavity wall insulation material that has been in use, in various forms, since the mid-1980s. The most recent versions of the material are Polypearl Plus and Polypearl Platinum. The material is injected into holes made at regular intervals around the property and its slow-acting adhesive ensures that the beads link together to provide insulation, whilst also leaving an open structure that allows moisture to escape.

Domestic and General are approved installers of the Polypearl product, meaning we are able to install the material in homes throughout the UK. Our installations crews are also overseen by occasional surprise inspections from Polypearl to ensure that material, when used, is being installed correctly.

Polypearl is fully BBA accredited and comes with a 25 year guarantee upon installation from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA).

For more information on the system visit the Polypearl website.