Previous schemes

Domestic and General Insulation have worked on a number of schemes with the aim of providing insulation for as many people as possible. Through these projects we have ensured that thousands of properties are more energy efficient and have saved our customer’s thousands of pounds in energy bills, with the added bonus of ensuring thousands of tonnes of CO2 will be saved in the process.

Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme (BEES)

The Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme (BEES) was operated by the Bristol city council from September 2008 until December 2012, offering free insulation to homes throughout the county in an effort to tackle issues caused by poor insulation, such as damp or cold.

The scheme offered free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation installation, with Domestic & General Insulation working as the contractor to handle the installations for the council. The offer was available to all privately owned or rented homes throughout the council area. BEES also offered loft insulation top-ups for those whose insulation didn’t reach 150mm in depth.

The scheme allowed for 10,000 properties to be insulated in the area.

BEES and Domestic and General Insulation worked together for a number of years on the scheme and the company is proud to have brought its diamond bead cavity wall insulation and top quality loft insulation to so many homes in the Bristol area.

The Warm Front scheme

The Warm Front scheme was a government-backed initiative that aimed to provide heating and insulation systems for homes whose owners were on a range of income-related benefits. It aimed to help those who are living in properties that are poorly insulated or do not have a fully functioning central heating system, with the idea being both to ensure the residents of said homes remain warm and the properties themselves become more energy efficient.

Domestic and General installed insulation systems as part of the scheme. Qualifying households were eligible to receive improvements that are worth up to £3,500, with further grants being provided in certain instances.