Rolled fibre insulation

Rolled fibre insulation is a form of blanket insulation that is one of the most commonly used for lofts. Blanket insulation is widely available and comes in a variety of different forms. Domestic & General Insulation specialise in fitting rolled fibre blanket insulation into most lofts, assuming it is the best loft insulation solution available to the customer.

Rolls of blanket fibre insulation are generally made to suit the standard spacing of wall studs and attic joists. Rolls can be hand cut and trimmed to fit and our expert loft insulation installers will always ensure that your rolled fibre insulation is installed as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum heat savings.

How does it work?

Rolled fibre insulation can be fit in most lofts and is generally fitted in two layers that add up to a depth of 270mm. The first layer will be approximately 4 inches, with the second being placed on top at about 6 inches.

Before having the loft insulation fitted, the installer and surveyor will need to ensure that the loft is cleared and all wiring is adequately dealt with. A surveyor will be able to provide advice on the best course of action to take in this regard.