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Thermabead is an innovative cavity wall insulation material that provides an extremely high level of thermal wall efficiency. The system is fully BBA certified and has quickly gained a reputation throughout the UK as one of the best and most trusted insulation systems yet seen for cavity wall installations.

The system utilises beads that are made of an expanded polystyrene which is then combined with micro-particles of granite. The beads are extremely small, allowing them to fill cavity walls more efficiently and ensure that your home retains as much warmth as possible.

Thermabead has been installed in over 100,000 homes since its inception. Domestic and General aim to build on this number as the material becomes increasingly recognised as the best cavity wall insulation solution.

Domestic and General Insulation has set up its own manufacturing plant that is dedicated to creating the beads that are used in the system. This ensures the highest quality of work at all times and also ensures that supply is always available for all installations.

Thermabead can increase the thermal efficiency of a home by as much as 80%, depending on the property.