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Thermal solar panels

Solar thermal heating panels use the power in both direct and diffused sunlight, converting the energy into heat, to produce hot water for the home.

A well-sized solar water heating system could provide between 50 and 70% of your annual hot water requirements.

Solar thermal panels do not rely on constant high temperatures or blazing sun to work, contrary to popular belief. They work by absorbing light, not heat. Therefore even on cloudy days the panels are still able to do their thing. That said the panels do need to be carefully situated in order to ensure they are able to absorb enough light to make them a viable option.

Each property requires its own solar panel system specification, dependent on property type, number of occupants, hot water demand and roof elevation and size. Our team of field-based surveyors are fully trained, experienced experts in renewable technologies and offer free home visits to view your property and advise on its suitability for renewable technologies. They will be able to answer all your questions and discuss any requirements you may have.