Thermascopic bead lance

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In order to install cavity wall insulation effectively, and in accordance with regulations, a series of drill holes must be made into the property’s external walls. These holes must be a in a fixed pattern. Sometimes, drilling in this pattern is not possible due to obstructions such as conservatories, porches, security lights or sometimes customers want  to avoid drill holes in their properties (even though they are filled and made good afterwards). Previously there was no solution (which was not very costly) to these issues and properties would remain uninsulated and more expensive to heat. However, now the Thermascopic Lance can overcome both these issues.

Using the Thermascopic Lance to insulate a property means just one drill hole can insulate an elevation with a width of up to 4 metres. It also means it can used to avoid the obstructions yet still ensure the cavity is filled with insulation.

Our Thermascopic Lance is the only BBA (British Board of Agrement) approved system in the country so do not delay in contacting us for the highest quality in cavity wall insulation.


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