Traditional gas boilers

Traditional gas boilers are so known because, unlike combination gas boilers, they require a tank to store water. Most older boilers are traditional style boilers and many homes still use them for the advantages that are inherent in the heating system. Many companies also refer to these types of boilers as regular or conventional gas boilers.

With a traditional gas boiler, a tank will be required to store water. This is usually placed in the loft. Additionally the boiler system will also require a cold water cistern, meaning that room must certainly be a consideration when choosing this type of gas boiler.

There are advantages in having a traditional gas boiler heating system installed though. The main advantage is that hot water flow rates will generally be much higher than that of combination boilers or with any other models. This is due to the fact that hot water is stored in a separate tank and ready to use, rather than being heated on demand. This is useful for homes that often have several hot water taps running at the same time and will be less likely to require people to switch off hot water to allow others to use it.

Additionally, combination gas boilers will require a minimum water pressure from the mains to allow them to deliver the hot water flow required for the household. This may not always be available in all areas and is something to be considered when having a gas boiler installed.


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