Traditional oil boilers

Boilers of this type are known by three names โ€“ traditional, regular and conventional. As you may expect these types of boilers are traditional in the sense that they require a tank to store water. The chances are that if you have an older style boiler, it is traditional.

As well as needing a tank to store water (usually in the loft), a traditional boiler also requires a cold water cistern (also usually located in the loft). The requirement for room to store these elements of a traditional boiler system must be a consideration when choosing a type of boiler.

The main advantages of traditional boilers are that the hot water flow rate will tend to be higher than that of combi boilers, as the hot water is stored within the hot water tank ready for use rather than being heated on demand. If you find that your family often have several hot water taps on at the same time, say a shower running in the bathroom and hot water running in the kitchen, then this stored hot water can be an advantage.

Another matter to consider is that a combi boiler needs a minimum water pressure from the mains to deliver your hot water flow, and this may not be available in all areas. This would make a traditional boiler the better choice.

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