UF foam

In cases where Domestic and General install foam insulation into a cavity wall, we usually use a material called Technitherm, which is developed by ISOTHANE. Foam is usually installed on request of the client or in cases where other insulation materials are deemed unsuitable, such as in severe weather areas.

Technitherm is BBA approved and insulates walls to all current building regulations and standards. The material has also been specifically designed to provide adequate insulation and protection in severe weather areas.

The material can also strengthen the structure of a property, making it up to three times stronger in the face of gale force winds in addition to protecting wall ties from salt water and providing general protection against driving rain and other wet conditions.

Domestic and General Insulation can install UF foam insulation wherever appropriate and all installs come with a 25 year guarantee from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.

Visit the ISOTHANE website for more information.