VPhase voltage optimisation system

VPhase is a voltage optimisation system that can be installed in domestic properties. The system is able to reduce CO2 emissions and lower your energy bill by regulating the voltage that is delivered to your home.

What is voltage optimisation?

The voltage supplied to your home needs to vary to ensure the efficiency of the distribution network. This ensures that homeowners are offered the best supply at all times, but can also lead to less efficient use of appliances.

Across Europe this range is set at 230V +/- 10%. This means that your home may receive anywhere between 207 to 253V under the regulations. Homes in the UK generally receive an average of 245V, which is right at the upper end of the regulations.

Voltage optimisation is the control of voltage supplied to appliances in your home to a set level, typically 220V. As all electrical appliances sold in the UK must comply with the EU voltage range, many actually work more efficiently at lower voltages. Controlling the voltage supplied to your home ensures that appliances use less electricity than they ordinarily would.

What are the benefits?

Installing a voltage optimisation system can provide a number of benefits, including:

Unfortunately the VPhase system is not suitable for homes that have electric heating as limiting the voltage sent to such a system will simply force the system to stay on longer to achieve the same heating effect, saving no electricity.

What do I do next?

Domestic and General Insulation are installers of the VPhase voltage optimisation system and are also able to advise you on how VPhase can be used in conjunction with your home heating and solar PV systems. Simply click the button below to make an enquiry.


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